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The Story Behind iNDCLR

iNDCLR is the story of making people life easier and happier by connecting us with transport history to latest technology.

Description of Franchisee

Here we will discuss about all the benefits and commissions you receive.  We try to understand all these one by one.

Secured Loan payout details

1. Secured Loan Payout: You will be given a payout of 1% to 2.5% on all secured loans. Here with us, you can login the file of any city not only in one city but also from all over India.

2. We give you DSA code in the beginning and as soon as you have more than 3 DSAs, then only you will get payout of corporate DSA.

Here you can add many DSAs below you, the biggest benefit will be because you will also get a payout commission of 0.5% of their business. Suppose you add a DSA, they are given 1% payout in the beginning, but the remaining 0.5% payout will be given to you. You will have full responsibility for his training and file discussion.

3. When you have a monthly loan of more than 3 crores, then you will be given 25,000 rupees every month separately to increase sales.
Similarly, for every loan of 1 crore more, 10,000 monthly sales development payment will be given separately. So if you add 10 DSA below you and if they all get loan of only 30 lakhs, then your total income will be [30 lakhs x 10 DSA = 3 Crore x 1.5% = Rs 4,50,000 + 25,000 sell development money = 4,75,000 rupees. ] And all those DSAs will get 30 lakhs x 1% = 30,000 rupees monthly.

“It is very easy and safe for you to work with us, where you just put a file in someone else’s code and share it in their income. Here you are still free to work in your code. And you can make more income by emphasizing your below people. Here your private financier’s requirement will also be completed.”

Let us understand how you can work with us in transport?


You do not have to have a vehicle to work in transport. If you have a car, you can take joint orders, in which the company charges a commission from 18% to 22%. But if you do not have a car, you can work with us as a transporter agent. For example, if someone calls in a justdial, I want a car to go, then does everyone have a car that calls you?

No, They take an order from you and pass it to a transporter and they get some commission from Oha. Here they have to talk with many car owners, someone gives them a commission on time, no one gives them and they keep looking for their commission. Or leave it exhausted, but you do not have it’s problem here with us, here you have a C-panel like you will order, your commission gets automatically updated as soon as the customer ride is completed.

If you are running a travel agency, then you will face this problem very much. So you are not disappointed, now you work with us.

Payout: Minimum payout is 10% on minimum cost car or traveller car ride or truck transport.

“The biggest problem for a transporter is when they have a good order, but they do not have a blank vehicle. Then they also harmed and the client is also spoiled.
Many times they get many orders at once and they call many and request driver or owner brother to go away, but everyone would make them disappointed. Or if you have a vehicle, even if you do not have a driver at times, sometimes the vehicle is bad, in such a situation, iNDCLR would prove to be their companion where you get a good commission and the client is not bad either.”

courier frenchisee

Here is a golden opportunity for you right now, in view of the company festival, the courier is not charging any fees for the franchisees. If you take a courier franchise from anywhere, then in the beginning, you have to pay a fee of 1 lakh to 2 lakhs.
This business is the most income-giving and the most stress-free business. In which you can earn the most easily. It is not mandatory to have an office for this, if you want to do it from home, then you can do it from there too.


Where you have to follow up in a bank loan business for several one month or more than two months. If there is unfortunate loan is rejected, then no payout will be provided. But this is not the case in this business, the any customer who has booked the courier with you here then you will earn 10% to 20% of the money.

There are plenty of other income sources, among them, if you will be in this industry then you will know. If you are new in this industry, then you will be given complete information during the work of training. If we say that a courier franchisee can make monthly income of at least 1 to 1.5 lakhs.

There is not much field job in this business which makes this business the most special. Here you can earn from 1 to 1.5 lakhs per month sitting in an office.”

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